Drop Site & Flex Pick-up FAQ

What option is best for you? Here is the inside scoop on Drop Sites and Flex Pick-up...

What is a Drop Site? 

A Drop Site is simply a location in your neighborhood where you can meet our delivery van and pick up your order. Most of these location are either a public park or a host home. Place your order on our website and then meet our friendly delivery driver on the specified day and time to pick up your order.

What is Flex Pick-up? 

Many of our drop sites that are a host home also offer Flex Pick-up. Same location, more flexibility and convenience for you. Choose this option as your delivery preference and our delivery driver will leave your order in a cooler or fridge / freezer at the host home. Then you can pick up your order from the host during the listed pickup hours. 

Flex Pick-up orders incur a $2 handling fee. This $2 per order is then passed on to the host as compensation for their involvement.

If you are currently ordering for Flex Pick-up and want to change to Drop Site or vice versa, you can do this by updating your delivery preference.