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Create a free account and/or update your delivery preference to UPS Home Delivery.

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Fill your shopping basket from our selection of pasture raised meats! (Sorry we don't ship milk or eggs!) Order minimum of $125. Free delivery on orders over $175.

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Orders are shipped from our farm via UPS every other Tuesday and delivered 1-2 days later.

Common Questions

How will my order be packed?

Orders are packed into a cardboard box with an insulated liner. Before we close the box and send it your way we add a small block of dry ice to keep everything cold.

When will my order be delivered?

We ship out orders from the farm via UPS every other Tuesday. UPS will normally deliver your order the following day on Wednesday.

What if my order is delayed?

If your order is delayed and arrives a day late, don't worry!  The products are still perfectly good and safe to consume as long as they are cold to the touch and/or below 40 degrees. Just be sure to unpack your box as soon as possible and place the items in your fridge or freezer.

What if my items do arrive unsafe to consume?

If due to an extended delay, or other adverse circumstances your order does arrive with items that are warm and/or above 40 degrees please let us know and we will either refund the order or send a replacement  order the following ship date.